College Football Scorigami, Every Game, All time.

Welcome to College Football Scorigami

College Football Scorigami is the accumulation of all college football scores since 1869. A whopping 88483 games!
To use the table, simple hover over or click on any grid block, and you can see how many games have occurred with that score!

For more information on game scores, go to the Score Researcher tab, where you can see every game + date that has occurred with that score

Note: Some dates may be automatically flagged with January 1st, this is due to missing month + day information. If you see any that you want updated, let me know!

What is a -igami?

Scorigami is an original idea developed by Jon Bois it means, every score that has happened, ever. In the sense of college football, this grid portrays every unique score that college football has had, ever.

Why does the grid look jagged?

Back in the olden days, ties were possible, so they are counted here! However, any tie that does not have a score in it, is now impossible, so it is flagged off.

Missing Scores

7 scores are missing from this graph due to it skewing the length too much, they're still available in the database so feel free to search them! They are: 167:0, 178:0, 179:0, 183:0, 205:0, 206:0, and lastly the highest scoring game ever, 222:0